1911 a1

Springfield Armory and I go back a long way. I replaced the miniscule sights with ones I could actually see, then spent the next 15 years or so trying to wear the gun out or make it fail to feed, fire or eject. It was a workhorse, an absolutely reliable companion.

The clearly has a strong tradition as a military pistol due these very characteristics, but in its enhanced versions, it can also serve capably as a specialized LE tactical pistol.

The low-profile, Novak-style rear sight is snag-free and adjustable for windage. It has tritium inserts for low-light situations. This pistol features a 5-inch, stainless steel barrel, forged frame and slide precision-fittedfront and rear cocking serrations, and a flat mainspring housing. The grip panels are very attractive cocobolo hardwood, nicely checkered and bearing the Springfield Crossed Cannons emblem.

The ejection port is lowered and flared, and the magazine well is very slightly beveled.

1911-22 A1 Full Size

The long, aluminum, match-grade trigger is advertised as breaking at 5 to 6 pounds. Mine broke at 5. After a few hundred rounds and a thorough cleaning, the trigger got even better, dropping the hammer at exactly 4.

1911 a1

It has stayed at that weight ever since. The ambidextrous thumb safety is slightly elongated and serrated. The recoil system uses a two-piece guide rod—something with which I had no experience, and something I thought might take some getting used to. While John Browning did not design the with a full-length guide rod, folks have been experimenting with it and arguing hotly about its advantages and disadvantages for some time now. With the introduction of the two-piece rod, there is even more to argue about.

A full-length guide rod may aid in accuracy and smoothness of function, as some competitive shooters believe. But it also makes disassembly and reassembly a little more complicated. A two-piece full-length guide rod is a bit easier, but it requires an Allen wrench. In fact, all three guide rod systems including the traditional GI seem to work just fine, and each has its adherents and detractors. Once I got used to it, I found the two-piece system easy to work with.

There were also a couple of keys for the Internal Locking System which is designed to lock the action of the pistol so that it cannot be firedone Allen wrench for taking out the two-piece guide rod, and another smaller Allen wrench for adjusting the sights. Mine needed no adjustment at all. Finally, there was a curious little L-shaped tool for removing the mainspring housing in case one should desire to do so.

This is a big, beefy handgun weighing exactly 40 ounces with an empty magazine inserted. The lightweight aluminum trigger broke crisply at 4. My range time with the new Springfield was spread over several days and eventually gobbled up about rounds of ammunition of various types and from several different manufacturers. Still, it offered a good opportunity to give the gun an initial test. Someone with younger eyes might have no problem with this, but I like seeing a little more daylight around the front sight.

The gun ran reliably after an initial break-in period of rounds, plus a thorough cleaning. After that, I went through another plus rounds from various manufacturers and the pistol showed no flaws. Recoil was negligible, as one would expect for a full-sized The smooth, rounded contours, the beavertail safety, and the delta hammer all combined to make an extended range session pleasant and comfortable. This is a very tight gun, with no sloppiness or play anywhere in the slide-to-frame fit, and it is also buttery smooth.

1911 a1

Another advantage of a gun weighing 40 ounces is that the sights barely lift off the target in rapid fire. Quick follow-up shots are a lot easier with this gun than with my Combat Commander. Steve Ausband photo. I did the accuracy testing at 25 yards, seated, using a sandbag rest on a wooden bench.Your browser is out of date and may not be able to properly display our website.

It appears that you are accessing the Browning Website from outside North America. Would you like to visit Browning International? Everything a 22 LR caliber should be. The Browning isn't a full size with a barrel conversion kit. Browning's original pistol in 45 ACP. Designed with a sense of duty and precision, and copiously tested to ensure accuracy, function, and the feel you should expect from a pistol bearing the Browning name.

The A1 model is designed faithfully to look and feel of the original government model A1. Take me to Browning International No. Take me to Browning North America. Download Hi-Res Image. Item Selector. Additional Product Information. Current Production A1 Full Size. A1 Compact. A1 Full Size Desert Tan. A1 Compact Desert Tan. Black Label Medallion Full Size. Black Label Medallion Compact.

Springfield Armory 1911: A1 Loaded vs. Range Officer

Black Label Gray. Black Label Gray with Rail. Black Label Gray Compact. Black Label Gray Compact with Rail. Black Label Full Size. Black Label Full Size with Rail.

Black Label Compact. Black Label Compact with Rail. Limited Availability Discontinued Models.I cut my range teeth with a Springfield A1 Loaded. I still have fun bringing it out to the range. Recently I did just that, and was able to compare how the A1 Loaded handles against how the Springfield Range Officer shoots. For this particular range trip, I put a box of 50 rounds of. When shooting from 16ft, most of them ended up in the 8,9, and 10 rings with a few fliers outside that range, including slower, more precise shots, and quicker controlled pairs.

It took me a little time to adapt to the different sight picture, at first. The A1 Loaded features white three dot fixed sights while the Range Officer marketed by Springfield as an entry level competition gun features an adjustable for windage and elevation black notch and black blade sight picture. Add to that shooting at a black target made the transition a little trickier.

The physical differences between the two models are understated, but the difference in performance was notable. The pull is lighter and cleaner. The fit and finish of the two pistols feels slightly different, too. If some. But the Range Officer offers a more precise shooting experience.

Review - Colt M1911 A1 100th Anniversary - Cybergun

The Range Officer does just what the A1 Loaded does… it just does it better. Springfield Armory Range Officer — Image courtesy of springfield-armory. Firearms photos pictured in the featured image courtesy of springfield-armory.The Colt. Did you know that this gun known the world over for its stopping power was developed in response to the Philippine Moro subjugation campaign by the Americans in the turn of the 20th century?

Did you know that this weapon was instrumental in the United States finally pacifying the entire Philippine archipelago? Try as they might, in wave after wave of incursions by Spanish colonial forces, the Moro or Muslim minority in the southern islands of Sulu, Jolo and certain parts of Zamboanga were able to repel these Spanish incursions.

They tried to convert the local population to Catholicism, but the locals would not have any of it. They already were following another religion. They were, of course, Muslim. So, for the longest time, the Spaniards pretty much tried to segregate the southern part of the country, but there was one problem.

The Christian parts of the Philippines provided a steady and safe supply of slaves for the Moslem people in Cotabato and Maguindanao. In fact, they were recorded many times stretching all the way from the beginning of the Spanish presence in the Philippines all the way to the beginning of the American Colonial period. Believe it or not the Philippines is only one of a few, if not the only country that was colonized not through the end of a sword but through the cross.

Thanks to enterprising and adventurous priests who basically partitioned the whole archipelago into different competing monastic and secular orders, Catholicism was preached in all parts of the Philippines.

Unfortunately, for the priests trying to make converts in the south, their missions usually did not end all that well.

In fact, in many cases, they were lucky to hang onto their heads. The Muslim population in the south were not particularly keen on hearing about the Gospel because they already had a religion. Over three hundred years, the country became overwhelmingly Catholic.

A lot of this was due not so much through the power of effective preaching but through very sly and clever cooptation pre-existing pagan religion. The Filipino Catholic Sto. Nino, for example, was actually a direct synthesis of the pagan small rock worship precolonial Filipinos. From the north of the country all the way to near the Muslim parts of the archipelago, ago people still worship small rocks.

They were good luck charms. They also were symbols of local pagan deities. When the Spanish priests came to convert the different warring tribes of the Philippines, they would come across such religious displays and instead of doing what they did in Mexico and considering such pagan symbols heretical and condemning them, the Filipino Spanish colonial experience involved cooptation.

1911 a1

This means that the Spanish priests would put clothing on the small rocks and called them the Sto. Using this theological slight of hand, the Philippines relatively quickly, over the span of a century, became overwhelmingly Catholic. That was the history of the Philippines prior to the Americans, but the Americans had a serious problem in their hands. According to the territorial maps of Spain, they were supposed to cover all the way from the tip of the Batanes chain all the way to Malaysia.

The reason for this was because the Muslim warriors, namely the Tausug, would rather be killed than surrender alive. Americans found this out in the worst way possible in engagement after engagement.

They got sick and tired of being hacked to death by bolo-wielding Tausug warriors who seemed to be immune to bullets.

1911 a1

They had to do something. This is where the Colt. It was designed specifically to stop rampaging Tausug warriors. The Tausug were able to do this because they would tie strips of cloth to their arteries so that even if they get shot, the blood is restricted to that part of the body, and they still have enough blood and energy in other parts of their body for them to continue charging and possibly decapitate or maim an American soldier or two. This struck fear in the heart of American soldiers stationed in the south of the Philippines, but thanks the Colt.

It can literally blow a hole through a person.Advertise Here. Attention if you have renewed your paid membership on the site but it has not taken effect within 24 hours please send the tech account a private message here to get your account corrected and for further instruction. There is a connectivity error with Paypal and the site Thank you from the management.

The Colt is a solid no frills piece, I had one, but with those rollmarks I would not use that model for expensive custom work. Remove Advertisements.

Springfield Loaded 1911-A1 .45 ACP Pistol Review

How much do you guys think one is worth? I have a Remington Enhanced R1 so I'm not opposed to a more basic If you can get it between you are doing awesome. If you go above that sayyou are doing alright. Especially if your friend takes care of his guns. I saw a used one with orm with box and original stuff go for way more in my neck of the woods but it was pristine. No holster wear, no idiot marks, only a box full of ammo shot through her. Great shooter too. Know what you're changing out and why.

You may spend a lot of money fixing things that weren't broken to begin with. Shoot at least rounds through it first, then decide what you don't like and want to improve. Regarding vintage s, pre pistols are highly collectible in original, unaltered condition and should NEVER be refinished or modified as it completely ruins their monetary value. You'll have a no-frills model and a range gun.

A man needs both - and preferably with several back-ups for each. I talked to him again today and he said it has Houge rubber grips with the Colt logo on them.

He's going to bring it to work to show me on Wednesday. This has been a very straight shooting weapon. Once you shoot your colt and get it modified the way you like it, you will enjoy shooting that much more. The ORM has the same heart as the shiny ones. I know you want a blued one, but I will attach a picture of a project-gun "in the rough" in which I am using and ORM stainless top-end.

They will clean up with a little Mothers Mag Polish.The metal finish of the slide and frame is further set off by matte-blue controls. Both the slide and frame are steel and are cut on CNC machinery to ensure close tolerances, so the pistol demonstrates minimal play between the slide and frame. The slide houses a full-length recoil spring guide and sports GI serrations on the rear only.

The frame and the barrel feed ramp are polished, and the ejection port is lowered and bevel-cut to ensure brass is kicked out cleanly. The ejector has an extended tip for positive ejection and is pinned to the frame. The frame features a high-swept beavertail grip safety that distributes the recoil across the web of the hand and prevents hammer bite.

The grips are sandy brown G10 Desert Storm with black highlights and feature a raised starburst pattern. The left grip is relieved around the mag release. The mainspring housing is checkered at 20 lpi, and the checkering is perfectly cut. The magazine release button and slide-lock lever are similarly checkered for non-slip operation.

The high-cut frontstrap features multiple deep vertical serrations. The ambidextrous thumb safety is wide enough for easy manipulation but slimmed down for concealed carry. The slide is the classic A1 type, and the bottom edges have been dehorned. The sole marking on the slide is the Rock Island Armory logo that is neatly etched into the rear left corner.

The sights have a non-reflective matte-blue finish and are a combination of a dovetail cut front sight and a no-snag, Novak-style rear sight with a setscrew for windage adjustments. The trigger is a medium-length, skeletonized, target type with a properly adjusted overtravel screw. The trigger on my sample broke cleanly at just under five pounds—a good trigger weight for use as a defensive handgun. I shot rounds of SIG Elite grain full-metal-jacket rounds in rapid-fire drills along with and followed with multiple types of defensive ammo and competition reloads at distances from five to 25 yards—about 1, rounds in all.

Feeding was percent from the supplied magazine, as well as from mags from Wilson, McCormick and Brown. As the accompanying accuracy chart indicates, at 25 yards, the Rock Standard FS shot nearly all ammo tested into three-inch groups.The cookie settings on this website are set to 'allow all cookies' to give you the very best experience. Please click Accept Cookies to continue to use the site. At this time, we ask you to call and speak to a salesman to purchase firearms.

M1911 pistol

We do this to assure you are getting the firearm you want, by describing condition to you in person. There may have been something over looked while writing a description that your salesman will catch for you. This should make the possibility of returning a firearm less likely. Also on Saturday from - pm.

We hope this will continue to have exactly the firearm you are expecting delivered to you. Login or Sign Up 0. Bayonets Daggers Knives Swords. Autos Revolvers Sig Antiques Miscellaneous Rolling Blocks. Winchester Commemoratives Winchester Rifles. Current Stock: 1. Call To Purchase. Share This Article. The left side of the slide has USS monogram and ""U. It has a thin checkered hammer, short milled trigger, long grip safety. The magazine is unmarked and is full blued. The metal Du-Lite finish is almost like new, possible refinish?

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